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211 days ago

I 💜 @obsdmd. I’m back to using boring old local Markdown files for notes and I couldn’t be happier.

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214 days ago

❓: Why is an ewe like a privacy-focused VPN?

˙uoᴉʇɐɔᴉldǝɹ ɹoɟ w∀ᴚ ǝsn ɥʇoq ʎǝɥʇ :∀

Forgetful RAM cartoon

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214 days ago

Setting up new Wi-Fi? Picking the type of password you need can seem like an arbitrary choice. After all, WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 all have mostly the same letters in them. A password is a password, so what’s the difference?

About 60 seconds to billions of years, as it turns out.

All Wi-Fi …

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215 days ago

Most people know that a VPN is meant to protect your privacy on public or open Wi-Fi. A lesser-known purpose is to protect your privacy right in your own home, from your own internet service provider (ISP).

A set of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules entitled “Protecting the Privacy …

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221 days ago

Chop off the end of the string to make Python’s datetime.fromisoformat() accept datetime strings that end in “Z”:

datetime_obj = datetime.fromisoformat(input_time_str_var[:-1])

Background discussion and why this isn’t a thing:

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227 days ago

I’ve passed 100,000 words written on my blog! That’s enough for a book, or two. It’s also:

  • The limit of most Ph.D. dissertations
  • About 2.5 novels
  • Dickens on an off day
  • About 357 of today’s tweets, or 714 when Twitter was good

Can’t stop won’t stop.

Screenshot of my word count in site footer

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229 days ago

Readers of my blog typically know more about technology and cybersecurity than most people. This article is for most people. If someone you know could benefit from a simple and straightforward introduction to cybersecurity tools, please share this article with them – it benefits everyone!

If …


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232 days ago

If you regard writing tests as a lame checkbox task, nothing could be farther from the truth. Done correctly, tests are one of your application’s most valuable assets.

The Django framework in particular offers your team the opportunity to create an efficient testing practice, based on the …

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232 days ago

I won’t be convinced that Apple really understands the current world until they start putting the higher MP camera on the front side of the phone.

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233 days ago

A programmer and a mathematician draw a cartoon together…

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich tests