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151 days ago

My feeds concatenate here.

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152 days ago

I’m experimenting.

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156 days ago

The process of writing and editing your own work is to temporarily fall in love with your words and then break up with them repeatedly.

Draft like you’re half-drunk. Edit sober.

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158 days ago

If you’ve ever half-written a software project before taking a few days off, this is the article you’ll discover you needed when you reopen that IDE.

Your project on Friday (a finished puzzle) vs Monday (a pile of puzzle pieces) comic

In the technology teams I lead, we make a constant effort to document all the things. Documentation lives alongside the code as an …

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163 days ago

Quick example of how to weave small habits into systems for success in your life. 👇

I drink out of my favorite Yeti mug all day. When I first pour in my hot drink, I know it takes 10-15 minutes to cool to a drinkable temperature.

If I walk away and start coding or writing, I know I’ll end up …

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164 days ago

In the tech teams I lead, “priority” has no plural form.

Whether you’re leading a team of people or leading yourself, it’s important to take account of all the important things that need doing in your organization. This does not mean that everything can be equally important. …

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165 days ago

While setting up a new phone recently, I couldn’t for the life of me remember how I’d gotten iAWriter and Working Copy to sync so I could write and push to Git from anywhere.

I did remember writing about it some time in the past. So I searched my blog (site: ia writer …

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168 days ago

I’m very happy and proud to share that the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Web Security Testing Guide v4.2 is now available! This update is the result of a lot of hard work by the repository team and many dedicated contributors. With a team like this, I’m honored to be a …

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170 days ago

To understand the world, travel.

To understand yourself, stay home.

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173 days ago

A significant part of the process of creation is the ability to imagine things that do not yet exist. This skill was instrumental to the creation of the Internet. If no one had imagined the underlying technology that most now take for granted every day, there would be no cat memes.

To make the …

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