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798 days ago

I’m always looking for pockets of time in which I can be productive. If you add up the minutes you spend in limbo while waiting in line, commuting, or waiting for food delivery (just me?), you may just find an extra hour or two in your day.

To take full advantage of these bits of time, I …

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804 days ago

It’s International Women’s Day, and I’m thinking about Grace Hopper.

Grace Hopper was an amazing lady who did great things. She envisioned and helped create programming languages that translate English terms into machine code. She persevered in her intention to join the US Navy …


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805 days ago

A computer without an Internet connection is just an empty shell.

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1019 days ago

A history of clean commits can be evidence of a lot of things: attention to detail, good work ethic, and genuine investment in the project. What do your Git commits say about you?

Here’s how you can create and maintain a clean and orderly Git commit history using message templates, learning …

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1033 days ago

What’s that, you say? You’ve become tired of regular old boring paper checklists? Well, my friend, today is your lucky day! You, yes, you, can become the proud owner of a brand-spanking-new automatic interactive pre-commit hook checklist! You’re gonna love this! Your life will be …

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1054 days ago

I’ve spent the last couple years as a solo freelance developer. Comparing this experience to previously working in companies, I’ve noticed that those of us who work alone can have fewer iterative opportunities for improvement than developers who work on teams. Integral to having …

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1071 days ago

A little while ago I wrote about a Lambda function I called ephemeral for deleting my old tweets. While it’s a great project for someone familiar with or wanting to learn to use Lambda, it isn’t simple for a non-technical person to set up. There are services out there that will delete …


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1086 days ago

Just like writing your very first for loop, understanding time complexity is an integral milestone to learning how to write efficient complex programs. Think of it as having a superpower that allows you to know exactly what type of program might be the most efficient in a particular situation - …

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1107 days ago

I’m a nomad and live out of one carry-on bag. This means that the total weight of all my worldly possessions must fall under airline cabin baggage weight limits - usually 10kg. On some smaller airlines, however, this weight limit drops to 7kg. Occasionally, I have to …

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1135 days ago

From now on, my tweets are ephemeral. Here’s why I’m deleting all my old tweets, and the AWS Lambda function I’m using to do all this for free.

Click here to skip to the code part.

I’ve only been a one-bag nomad for a little over a year and a half. Before that, I lived as …

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