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439 days ago

Yay! 🥰 My first rating!


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440 days ago

2017 vs 2020 doodles 😆🖌

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440 days ago

Be so awesome it wouldn’t have all fit anyway.

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441 days ago

If you tried to visit my site earlier and it was not there, that is because I accidentally deleted it.

It’s back now.

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442 days ago

SQLite (“see-quell-lite”) is a lightweight Sequel, or Structured Query Language (SQL), database engine. Instead of using the client-server database management system model, SQLite is self-contained in a single file. It is library, database, and data, all in one package.

For certain …

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448 days ago

I recently developed a project that I called Hydra: a multithreaded link checker written in Python. Unlike many Python site crawlers I found while researching, Hydra uses only standard libraries, with no external dependencies like BeautifulSoup. It’s intended to be run as part of a CI/CD …

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450 days ago

I recently gave a lecture on the benefits of building non-blocking processes. This is a write-up of the full talk, minus any “ums” that may have occurred. You can view the slides here.

I’ve been helping out a group called the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). …

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455 days ago

“…all technical solutions for better cybersecurity hinge on the people that use them. The cyber readiness of the department needs to be on the same level as physical fitness and weaponry.”


Navy outlines a path to completely redesign its networks: …

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456 days ago

“The victim cited gaps in cybersecurity knowledge and the wide range of possible scenarios as reasons for failing to adequately incorporate cybersecurity into emergency response planning.”

Or, “It seemed hard, so we just didn’t do anything at all.” 🙄

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459 days ago

Effective collaboration, especially in open source software development, starts with effective organization. To make sure that nothing gets missed, the general rule, “one issue, one pull request” is a nice rule of thumb.

Instead of opening an issue with a large scope like, “Fix all …

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