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389 days ago

I recently took on the task of creating a documentation site theme for two projects. Both projects needed the same basic features, but one uses Jekyll while the other uses Hugo.

In typical developer rationality, there was clearly only one option. I decided to create the same theme in both …

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392 days ago

‪Today in yoga news, if you never thought a half moon pose would come in handy in real life, try turning on the shower then getting in before realizing your hot water’s on the fritz.‬

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424 days ago

The real evidence of technological advances made in our time will be when we don’t start video meetings with, “Hi. Can you hear me?”

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427 days ago

I have a new desk friend! There will be much debugging together!

Thanks @github @GitHubSecurity @GHSecurityLab 😄

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429 days ago

I sent my ✉️:

“Any decisions that weaken the ability of tech companies to build strong and secure applications, including circumventing encryption, are decisions that open more doors for cybersecurity attacks.”

Reject the Graham-Blumenthal bill.

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430 days ago

2020 high profit margin goods:

🥑 Cooking utensils shaped like avocados

📷 Video conference web cams that do bokeh

🏖 VR company meeting beach scenes

♟ Board games you can play with your cat

🧴 Hand cream

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431 days ago

We’ve already got enough to deal with without worrying about our cybersecurity. When humans are busy and under stress, we tend to get lax in less-obviously-pressing areas, like the integrity of our online accounts. These areas only become an obvious problem when it’s too late for …

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432 days ago

Of course, the elephant in the room is that we’ve all had the “Happy Birthday” song stuck in our heads for a month.

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433 days ago

Weekend to-dos:

✅ Remove plastic phone case ✅ Buy brass wallet (card holder) ◻️ Change door handles and drawer pulls to copper ◻️ Fill freezer with meat ◻️ Never go out again

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433 days ago

I turned on the “plain text only” option for my emails and everything is much better now.